There are threads of stories and pain that are tangled inside you right now.

Unravel the knots, weave a tapestry.

  I want to support you on the journey to your deepest calling and your most joyful life. 

You hold the power to heal yourself, to unlock your full sensuality, and to completely shift your life dynamics overnight. The patterns in your relationships reflect exactly what you need to heal in yourself. You can learn to tap into your intuition, follow the thread that gets you where you most want to go. You can grow like whoa, and have fun doing it. And above all, you can learn to love yourself fiercely and deeply.  

Did you know that opening the heart chakra is a very real energetic process?

Get my powerful meditation for opening your heart. It is infused with loving energy and uses special tonal music to awaken the heart chakra. And, it's free!

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"The intense quality of Moriah’s presence seems to call forth my own inner knowledge. To say that I learn new things when we talk sounds true, but I think Moriah actually draws out the truths that I already know but have not acknowledged to my conscious mind.

She helps me to access and process these parts of myself that I yearn to know and learn from. In that way, she helps me to go deeper into myself and connect with the unifying source that is available to all of us all the time, once we know how to access it.

I am so grateful for her guidance, trust and love."

Ashley Szczesiak