In order to embody your true self, to walk the path calling to your deepest being, you need to see what is contributing to you dimming your own light. 

I can help you to lift the veil of your conditioning- to see how social systems such as capitalism and patriarchy have molded your wild being into that which fits someone else’s idea of how to be (and how to navigate the world).

To embody the deepest love and carry out the important work you are here to do, you need to shed the layers of pain that shut you down and shut you up. 

My work helps you clarify the framework through which you view the world, and gives you the tools to dance with grief, shadow, and personal truth.

Together we will find ways to deepen your spiritual practice, align yourself and your relationships with your values and desires, and channel your energy into creating a life that is based in joy, liberation, and love.

My areas of specialization include: 

  • polyamory & non-monogamy
  • working with empaths
  • grief work
  • developing your own magical & spiritual practice
  • exploring your sexuality & gender identity
  • shifting towards a more heart and soul centered career


  • 1 coaching session $100
  • 4 session package $375
  • 8 session package $700

Sessions are approximately 1 hour and can be done over phone, Skype, in person at my tiny home/ office in Monroe, Maine, or in a natural setting such as the midcoast Maine woods or oceanside.

I provide sliding scale and barter options to people who hold marginalized identities or find themselves struggling financially. Please do not hesitate to email me to discuss.

For bookings or inquiries please email me at If you are considering purchasing a package and want to see if we’re a good fit, please reach out to schedule a short call with me!

in love & freedom,



In my clients' words...

"Moriah is caring, honest, concerned, enthusiastic, and a patient teacher who is not shy to also be a student. She is not shy about asking you to question yourself. She is an active listener, friendly, personal, and easy to talk to. 

My work with Moriah was an eye opening journey of self-evaluation. She helped me reorganize my relationship building tools while also adding a few new ones to the toolbox. We discussed polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, both of which were concepts that were new to me. Asking to include my partner during our initial meeting made both my partner and I more comfortable moving forward. I have started forging new relationships of all kinds since meeting Moriah. I am comfortable with my renovated and rejuvenated self and it is obvious other people are as well.

During our studies we meditated together, we laughed together, we cried together, we attended a grief ritual together.  Moriah sang me a beautiful song. She assigned me a book to read and discuss with her. She was willing to walk along side me rather than in front of me. She held my hand. She set me free."

Craig Bianco

"Moriah's guidance was the best support I could ask for during my divorce and the reorganization of my life. Her guided mediations allowed me to release some deep sadness and pain. She helped me focus on areas for potential growth while also shining a light on my existing strength and progress!

Maggie Sharar