I have been walking into the unknown for the past decade. My mission: to uncover the deepest of depths inside myself by peeling back the many veils that disguise the core of my being. 

Where to begin? There was a spiritual awakening at age 21- while walking down the street in Buenos Aires, I suddenly felt myself to be one with the buildings and trees and sidewalks and people and the wide, wide sky. I saw us all as connected by a web of pushing, living energy. And I knew in my bones, as the tears ran down my cheeks: there is more to this life than meets the eye.

I threw myself into exploration over the next several years. Visions were seen, and destiny woven, and the path of my life was illuminated. 

I learn from many teachers. Some I have sought after, and some have been entirely unexpected. They have taught me how to find myself, how to hold space, how to grieve, how connect with my guides & ancestors. And my relationships- oh my lovers! You have taught me the most of all, alchemizing parts of myself I had long forgotten or denied. 

I have delved into multiple emotional processing techniques, bodywork, past life healing, and manifesting practices. I continue to broaden my scope from individual transformation to cultural change by studying and practicing social permaculture and regenerative culture. Grief work, rites of passage, sacred beekeeping, seasonal rituals; I am always weaving, growing, and adding to the richness of my personal process and my work.

I continue to grapple with the demons called patriarchy, colonization, and white supremacy. Unweaving these toxic strands from the webs of our psyches is crucial to my work. I do not deal in vapid self empowerment that is divorced from the greater systems of our world. 

I believe in designer relationships: ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, conscious monogamy- as long as it’s feeding your soul and not your trauma. I’m committed to consent, exploration, and radical bare bones honesty. I’m queer - which to me, means that I am attracted to souls in lots of different bodies and identities. I am fiercely and happily femme, but I love to question the gender binary. I believe in self determination. And love. 

My whole life has, and continues to be my training ground. I see myself as an alchemist, a collaborator, and guide. This is not a hierarchy. I am here to support you and love you and co create magic.