Release & Renew: Tapping into the Body's Wisdom

One of the most important things you can do to heal yourself is become aware of your trapped emotions, unprocessed trauma, and inherited hurts. These are all stored at physical locations in the body, and many techniques such as acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic can help to release them. 

I practice a technique called X’Tract, which is a powerful hands-on bodywork that facilitates cleansing the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the body’s detoxification and immunity; you can think of it as the filtration system that removes bacteria, viruses, fungi, precancerous cells, toxins, and cellular debris from the body. This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT BODY SYSTEMS, yet it's almost never talked about.

On a physical level, it's where all the junk is filtered out, and the flow often becomes stagnant. On an energetic level, I believe that it's where a lot of our emotional baggage resides.

During the session, people say they can actually feel the lymphatic fluid moving, pain levels decreasing and often, emotions releasing. Following the session, people often report better digestion, improvement of chronic conditions, weight loss and release of "emotional weight." 

Here's what people are saying after our bodywork sessions:


"I experience daily chronic pain and inflammation. Standard detox methods and regular massage have little to no impact anymore. Yet after one bodywork session with Moriah I was pain free for over 48 hours, showing me just how sluggishly my lymphatic system is currently functioning.

I believe that this technique is absolutely essential for assisting the lymphatic system in the dumping of unwanted toxins and other waste that shows up as pain and disease, and may even be a panacea for human health at this time in our history.

Moriah is an effective and gifted healer who connects skillfully and respectfully to the individual before her, with conscious hands and an open heart."

Stephanie Sohns



"All temples require maintenance with tender love and care. This comes with touch, intention, reflection, and taking time to breathe. Moriah provided me with all of these. She asked me what I was feeling, where I was feeling it, and proceeded to provide me with the work that I needed done.

It was easy to share my being with her - via a comforting voice, gentle hands, and a genuine interest in accompanying me on the journey to better health. Moriah is a goddess in her movements and interactions of "x'traction" and will have you glowing and ready to give more x's & o's to yourself and surroundings. I recommend you get in touch."

Malik Coburn


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